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Clientbase Fulfilment Case Studies

The outsources home shopping and efulfilment experts.
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Case studies
Whenever an article is published that highlights what Clientbase does, reviews our clients, or discusses our software partners, we like to share this with you. Below are some recent examples of case studies to this effect.

In the fiercely competitive mail order fulfilment market, one organisation is taking great strides towards winning the battle for service supremacy. That firm is Clientbase Fulfilment and a critical component of its expertise is Elucid, the leading multi-channel software solution from Sanderson.

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In 2008 Clientbase Fulfilment Ltd won M&G as a client. This thriving direct-to-consumer business sells their wide range of quality merchandise using multi-channel marketing to a loyal and discerning customer base.

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Day-Timer was founded in 1947 and is an iconic US brand, offering a range of products centering on time management and personal productivity. Over the past 60 years this innovative company has empowered its millions of customers with the necessary skills and tools to manage their time, and cope with information and change. Day-Timer operates a true multi-channel marketing strategy covering catalogue, web, wholesale/retail and corporate sales. They are leaders in Direct-to-Consumer strategy, focusing on new customer acquisition, retention and continuity with up-selling and cross-selling as key elements.

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