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integrated systems

Elucid, best-of-breed, multi-channel retail software solutions

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Clientbase Integrated Systems

Our industry leading systems partners.

Clientbase offers the option of our ‘Elucid’ Best of Breed integrated Home Shopping system or alternatively is happy to work on a client’s in-house system.

We work with our proven, industry leading partners to bring you best-of-breed systems that are flexible enough to meet your needs, whatever they may be, 24×7.

Clientbase Fulfilment prides itself on our slick warehousing operation, from where we pick, pack and despatch stock – quickly, accurately and efficiently. But the other part, which is effectively the engine room for any business like ours, is the requirement for specialist software to manage the entire process, from end to end. The Sanderson Elucid solution does that, and more, and it’s widely recognised to be the best- of-breed home shopping fulfilment solution.

Our system also provides prompts for upselling, plus part-pick and Direct Despatch (DD) functionality.

Systems flow chart

PCI ComplianceThe Elucid solution is PCI level 2 compliant and supports standard web integration and allows Clientbase to securely process between 1,000,000 to 6,000,000 transactions per card per year.