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returns handling

Our dedicated returns division processes returns, re-work and generate replacements & credits to our clients' strict rules.

0333 240 0811
Clientbase Returns Handling Services
Expert returns management
Intelligent reporting
Over 20 clients
100k parcels handled
Clientbase offers a wide range of returns handling services (reverse logistics)
These include:
Provision a return address (freepost if required), receipt of parcel, and logging of customer detail, consolidation of returns and forwarding of bulk stock to client warehouse.

In addition Clientbase can work in conjunction with carriers to arrange the swift and efficient return of parcels from customers – either at the customer expense or free of charge.

Clientbase has the capability of processing returns on its own system and 3rd party systems and can provide detailed returns reports including customised reporting on reasons for return.

Clientbase can rework stock if necessary ensuring a maximum return of stock to shelf and should the need arise for stock to be returned to a product supplier this can be arranged as well.

Clientbase currently handle returns for over 20 clients with an annual volume of parcels handled at over 100k.