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warehouse services

We can store your product range, pick pack and despatch your orders.

0333 240 0811
Clientbase Warehouse Services
2 warehouses
100,000 sq ft
9,000 pick bins
9,500 SKUs
40,000 despatched
at peak
250+ goods-in
per day
all controlled
via our warehouse
Clientbase Fulfilment supports more than 35 clients from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australasia. Our client volumes range from 10,000 orders per annum upwards to 1million items per annum. We do also support well-funded start-ups or established overseas brands who wish to introduce their product range to the UK. Our flexible team manages a vast mix of product types: Artisan chocolate, through children’s clothing to Exercise Equipment via multiple channels. Our dedicated e-commerce fulfilment team provides a personal service for the e-commerce entrepreneur, covering client liaison, pick, pack and despatch, stock reporting and e-mail management.

Woodview Rd, Paignton
Clientbase HQ. This facility incorporates our Contact Centre and Management Team + 50K ft2 (4,650 m2) purpose-built fulfilment centre. 60% of the warehouse floor-space is ‘mezzanined’ to optimise pick face capacity. This is supported by 1500 bulk pallet spaces, a specialist goods-in area and a large outside concrete apron to accommodate multiple truck movements. Full bulk-pickface replenishment routines are undertaken. A specialist reverse logistics/returns handling team operates is located in a dedicated area. Open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day if demand dictates with carrier collection daily.
The site has excellent facilities for our workforce and is secure within a high boundary fence, alarms, security cameras and a security patrol.

Wrangaton Business Park: Unit 4:
A specialist 47K ft2 fulfilment warehouse with built-in adaptability to handle SKUs that come in all weights & dimensions. The space can accommodate dense pick-face on mezzanines to pallet-pick for bulky two-man lift. Two docking bays are available for Container receipt and de-stuffing complete with an under-cover marshalling area. There is a permanent bulk pallet area holding 1800 pallets + a further 800 pallet spaces within the same footprint. We offer designated production areas in both of the two chambers. These are adaptable for pallet-pick or dense pickface production supported by replen from bulk. This team is a multi-skilled unit who’s watch-word is adaptability.

The Warehouse TeamThe warehouse team
The Warehouse Team is made up of cheerful, capable individuals who have primary client responsibility and are able to flex their work practices to help manage peaks of activity where and when required. Many are cross trained across our range of clients and have the use of modern mechanical handling equipment. Our staff retention is excellent with a core of long-standing colleagues.


Warehouse Procedures
The Clientbase warehouses are configured to provide flexible, accurate and efficient service-delivery for our Home Shopping clients. The warehouse configuration is adapted to each client's specific requirements which may include:

  • Goods-in with a managed booking-in process and dedicated team following controlled processes for accurately receipting, checking and putting away deliveries.
  • Pick-face replenished from bulk storage within the existing warehouse
  • Pick-from-pallet with all stock held in bulk
  • Bulk storage management
  • Quality Assurance checks performed at goods-in and goods-out to ensure products arrive and leave in top condition.
  • Dedicated supervisors managing client-specific teams to ensure good workflow and help assure high service levels are maintained.

    Every client has their own designated warehouse area with picking and bulk locations. Procedures are controlled through the Warehouse Management System which is fully integrated within our Home Shopping software.

    Warehouse proceduresFor our catalogue clients, the picking software can be set to attain the optimum number of orders per picking-trolley, which usually varies between 4 and 10 orders per batch. This then sets the correct pick-beat routes to maximise efficiency. Orders are scanned at the packing station at the point of dispatch.

    Our warehouse colleagues scan their identity against every order that is picked and packed to ensure accountability.

    Our systems interface with a broad selection of Home Delivery carriers including Parcelforce, Royal Mail, HDNL and DHL. Many clients take advantage of the Clientbase consolidated carrier rates.

    Clientbase will advise on the most suitable and cost effective packaging which can be obtained at preferential rates.